kget does not resume downloads, solved

Rainer Wirtz rainer.wirtz at
Wed Jan 28 00:26:36 GMT 2004

I digged a bit in the source and found  a solution to my problem. Two tiny 
changes in kdenetwork/kget/slave.cpp. This is for kde 3.1.5.

I wrote:
>When a download in kget is interrupted (the server does not respond, but the 
>internet-connection is still alive), this download is marked as "delayed". 
>This means the download will *not* be resumed automaticly, I have to put it 
>back into the "Queue" manually.

>How do I make kget to:
>A) *Not* require me to press a button to acknowledge when a download is 

This one is solved by commenting out (or deleting) line 118 of slave.cpp 

>B) Add this interrupted download to the queue again *without* my 

Change line 239 of slave.cpp from

Caveat: I haven't been able to really test this (downloads just don't seem to 
fail anymore) but the source is quite clear and it should work.

"Use the source, Luke" :-)


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