kde 3.2 cvs weird stuff

Shane Shields locutusenterprises at softhome.net
Mon Jan 26 21:56:14 GMT 2004

Hi all.

I have made my own rpm's of kde cvs 3.2 branch starting with just arts, 
kdelibs and kdebase. They compile and install fine but when I start kdm and 
login as a user I have the following problems.

kmenu items
	[all applications] is greyed out and inactive
	[no entries] is light grey and inactive
	[actions] is greyed out and inactive
There are no menu items for the installed applications eg. Kate, konqueror 
etc. even though I can run the binarys from konqueror or the command line.

clicking on the control menu brings up the control panel menu item but does 

clicking on the home icon does nothing.

using [alt f2] and selecting a program from the dropdown list it immediately 

From following the list it appears that no-one else has this problem so it 
must be me :). There was one mention about menu problems with the xdg 
directory but I can't see any problem with that. It has the same problems 
regardless whether it is in /etx/xdg or in `kdePrefix`/etc/xdg. The rpm's I 
have made are nothing special and I have had the same problems since 
2003-11-13 when I first compiled the spec files.

If someone in the know could have a look at these rpm spec files and tell me 
if it is an obvious GIGO or if you could compile the rpm's from the spec 
files and tell me if you experience the same symptoms it would be greatly 

The versions I am using are:-

Arts 1.2 branch from cvs
Kdelibs 3.2 branch from cvs
Kdebase 3.2 branch from cvs
Qt-copy 3.2 branch from cvs

All were downloaded on the same day and time (2004-01-25) and tarballed in the 
format `name`-`date`.tar.bz2 eg arts-20040125.tar.bz2, qt-copy-20040125, etc. 
I am calling for help as I am stuck and have no idea as to what to do next.
Shane Shields

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