ksysguardd not started

Jan Drugowitsch jdrugo at gmx.at
Sat Jan 24 17:28:10 GMT 2004

On Saturday 24 January 2004 16:27, Jan Drugowitsch wrote:
> after updating lm-sensors a recompile of kdebase (3.1.5 on gentoo) was
> necessary to let ksysguardd link to the new libsensors.so.2 library (it was
> using libsensors.so.1 before). now, however, it does not automatically
> start at kde startup. i know that i could just put it into my autostart
> folder but don't see that as a clean solution. is there a default place
> where ksysguardd is usually started?

ok, i've managed to fix it by copying
<host port="-1" shell="" name="localhost" command="ksysguardd" />
into ~/.kde/share/apps/ksysguard/KSysGuardApplet.xml (taken from System\ 
Load.sgrd). Now everything seems to work again.

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