authentification/login troubles with kde-3.1.95, "who am i" not working

Daniel Frein mail at
Fri Jan 23 13:48:35 GMT 2004


with kde-3.2rc1 (rpm's for SuSE 9.0) kdm is not longer able to do automatic  
or password-less logins. Instead I get an authentification error 
("authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen"). If I login with my password there are 
also troubles: "who am i" produces no output (via konsole) and also other 
programs are not able to determine my username (e.g. SCPM, the system 
configuration profile management tool by SuSE). The variables LOGNAME and 
USER are set and here is no pam error in my logfile:

Jan 23 12:05:48 helios kdm: :0[3331]: pam_unix2: session started for user 
daniel, service xdm
Jan 23 12:05:48 helios resmgr[988]: accepted connection from user root
Jan 23 12:05:48 helios resmgr[988]: disconnect from root

Any ideas?

Daniel Frein
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