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Michael Bazdell flying-camel at
Sun Jan 18 18:12:58 GMT 2004

Hi everybody. This is my first time posting to KDE's mailing list.
Normally I'd just search the web and find my answers, but this time I'm
at something that I can't find on the web anywhere.

I've read the archives of this list and seen that some people have
mentioned something similar to what my problem is but not quite. So let
me get right to it.

I have a multimedia keyboard with some keys that KDE doesn't recognize.
So what I did for the most part was use a program called xbindkeys to
setup the binds for the keys that don't have recognized keycodes. Well
that works great for launching command line commands, but I can't do
anything to apps that don't have them like Konqueror. So I made the
appropriate changes and now KDE can see the new keys.. I only did it for
the ones I want to use the keyboard shortcuts thing with. 

Now here's where the problem is. When I go to the keyboard shortcuts
menu in the Kcontroll center, under the General Shortcuts tab, I can use
my new keys without a problem. However, in the other two tabs, they wont
take my keys when I press them down.

Is this a known bug to be fixed come 3.2? Perhaps there's even a file I
could edit manually to put in the key for the shortcut I want.. Not
sure.. I looked in my home folder and I found the scheme but it only
held the title, no actually bindings...

Any suggestions?
Michael William Bazdell <michael at>
Gbit Consultants
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