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Dexter Filmore Dexter.Filmore at
Wed Jan 14 15:36:41 GMT 2004

So After 5 years Gnome I decided to give KDE another shot. I'd like to leave
out the whys.

.bashrc is not executed - how do I make konsole use Linux-Konsole by default?

GTK: still want to use some gtk apps I hold dear (Sylpheed for example). Now,
when a new window opens *not* maximized, it's not centered but clinged to a
corner. So ok, GTK!=KDE, but is there sth one can do about it?

non-KDE-apps on Kicker: said Sylpheed needs a distinguishable icon on Kicker,
I stick to the kmail icon for now but the original one is better. where does
it have to go and what formats are known for icons? only png? how about svg?

Themes and 3.2beta2: 1st tried 3.2beta2. must say looks fine for a beta, but
themes support is not backwards compatible. which is a drag imho. 
any way to convert?


Version: 3.12
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