Custom KWin popup menu

Andy Teijelo Pérez espino at
Thu Dec 30 04:40:11 GMT 2004

Don't you folks think there should be a way for KDE applications (or any X 
app)  to customize the menu show when clicked on the KWin (or any window 
manager) icon, or right-clicked on either the window title or the 
correspondent taskbar button?
That's a common thing found in Windows environment and I have not seen it in 
any window manager in Linux. Maybe it's out of the scope of the protocol that 
X applications use to communicate with their window manager, but I think it 
would be a nice thing.
I frequently use PUTTY, a telnet and ssh client (among other things) in both 
Windows and Linux. And once it has opened its terminal the only way to change 
some setting is through the window icon menu in Windows and in no way at all 
in Linux. Don't you think there's a gap here?

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