Desktop Icons question

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Dec 23 18:25:01 GMT 2004

Lane wrote:
> Hi, kde!
> How can I direct kde to display a thumbnail of a random .jpg file
> when I place it on the desktop, instead of the mime icon for .jpg?
> Maybe that's not clear.
> I've got six or seven .jpg file on my desktop which USED to be
> displayed as the thumbnail for each file.  Then I upgraded to KDE
> 3.3.1 and now all I get is the mime icon.
> I've tried setting the properties, but there doesn't appear to be an
> option to generate a thumbnail.

It is in the Control Center under: Desktop -> Behavior : File Icons

> any tips are appreciated.

Browse through the Control Center to see where things are.


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