linking kmail to kaddressbook

Alan Chandler alan at
Wed Dec 22 23:41:19 GMT 2004

I am stuck - using kde 3.3.1 from debian unstable

When I create a new mail in kmail, and hit the ... button on the right of the 
"to" field, I get a dialog box which shows "recent addresses" but not any 
address categories, and therefore no addresses, from the entries in 

Other people tell me they get their address book addresses in this dialog box.  
I have been using kmail for several years, did I miss a configuration upgrade 
somewhere along the line?  Is there a manual tweak to a configuration file to 
get it to work?

There does not seem to be any configuration command to connect the two, but 
"tools/address" menu item pulls up kaddressbook correctly, and I can send a 
mail from there using the contact.

Please cc me on any reply as I am not subscribed to the list.


Alan Chandler
alan at
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