Saving a KDE Session

Steven P. Ulrick ulrick2 at
Wed Dec 22 20:56:46 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 22 December 2004 2:11 pm, Bogus Zaba wrote:
> I am running KDE 3.3.0 as supplied with SUSE Linux 9.2.
> The KDE Session manager allows me to chose 3 options "on login" :
> restoring previous session; starting with a blank session or restoring a
> manually saved session. I would like to chose option three but cannot
> find a way of saving the session manually. How is this done?
> Bogus Zaba

Hello :)
If you choose the option that you want "Restore manually saved session" and 
then click "Apply", there should now be a menu choice on the "K Menu" that 
says "Save Session"  On our system, it is the third item from the bottom, 
right above Log Out and Lock Session.  It has a cute little icon of a floppy 
disk next to it.
I hope that all of this works the same on KDE 3.3.0 on SUSE 9.2 :)

Steven P. Ulrick
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