Disabling pop-ups in konqueror system-wide

Chris Gow sniffy at rogers.com
Fri Dec 17 17:01:40 GMT 2004

On December 17, 2004 04:40 am, Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> Chris Gow wrote:
> > Hi:
> >
> > I've disabled javascript pop-ups in konqueror for my account. How can do
> > it for the entire system? I noticed I have a konquerorrc file in
> > my .kde/share/config directory, can I place a modified/whole thing in
> > $KDE_HOME/share/config?
> That should work, as long as by $KDE_HOME, you mean the place that KDE is
> installed (the important environment variable that points there is
> $KDEDIRS). Note that users will be able to override the setting for their
> own account. If you don't want this, take a look at:
> http://people.fruitsalad.org/phil/kde/userguide-tng/kde-for-administrators.
>html which has more information about how config files work, and how to lock
> down KDE settings with KIOSK.

Hmm...I placed a copy of my konquerorrc file in /opt/kde3/share/config. The 
other users don't seem to pick up the changes in the file. I did modify the 
file by removing all of the history settings and the like.

In this case I don't believe I need to use kiosk, as I don't want to stop 
users from overridding this setting. I just want it to be the default. 

-- chris 
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