Web browsing is very slow

Mike Pang mikepang at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 12 23:45:11 GMT 2004


I did a clean install of Fedora Core 3.  

Mozilla, Galeon, and Thunderbird are all fine, but Konqueror is very slow to 
access web pages - about 15 seconds or more to fully load a page (I'm on DSL 
by the way).  KMail is affected too, as it takes a while to initially access 
my ISP's mail server.  

When I open the browser, or when I click on a link in Konqueror, the status 
bar on the bottom left is blank for quite a few seconds, then it says 
"website.com contacted.  Waiting for reply...".  After that, the page starts 
to load, but the progress bar on the bottom right doesn't get to 100 percent 
for quite a while longer.  

I tried disabling SE Linux, but that made no difference.

I've even upgraded to KDE 3.3.2, but Konqueror is still very unresponsive.  If 
anyone has any ideas, or can point me to a configuration file to check, I 
would really appreciate it.

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