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Taylor Byrnes taylor.byrnes at
Thu Dec 9 03:36:51 GMT 2004

Well, I have to agree in some ways with the original poster, and some ways not.

I would say Firefox is definetly better than Konqueror for the
following reasons:
-UI, Konqueror's default UI is just in-exusable, it has way too many
buttons, and alot of them look the same so its hard to tell which one
is wich.
-Speed, I find FireFox faster, but expereince will vary
-Support, Konqueror use is still below 0.5%, Firefox has good support
from major companies,  this is not the IE argument, I always used
netscape, but it never went below %2, so it never stopped being

OpenOffice is much more mature, and has alot of those extra important features.
-KOffice's UI isn't exactly great either.

Kontact is nicer than Thunderbird for most e-mail stuff.
-It is much more feature complete
-Though, the Mozilla project has much better UIs.

No comment on the audio players, I use Amarok, which has the worst UI
I have seen in a long time, but its good playlists and collections
features are what make it better.

No comment in instant messengers, I use aMSN, I only need the MSN
protocol and aMSN seems to have much better support for it, more of
its features.

Taylor Byrnes

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