Printing a PDF file from Konqueror

Andrew Barr barr.156 at
Mon Aug 30 16:06:39 BST 2004

I recently bought a digital camcorder and I was trying to print the
rebate from Konqueror:

I only wanted to print the second page (look at the first page and
you'll see why), so I clicked Print and selected Current as the page
range. The KDE print subsystem says it sends the data to the printer and
the printer icon appears in Kicker. The printer doesn't do anything and
the icon goes away after about fifteen seconds. I went to KPDF and
opened the same file, printed the Current page (page 2) and it printed
fine. I am running KDE 3.3.0 on Gentoo and using CUPS as a printing
spooler. CUPS is correctly configured and can even print from my home
network. I have an HP DeskJet 712C with the pnm2ppa driver, if it

Andrew Barr
barr.156 at

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