[Help] How to start application in a given desktop?

Ming Zhao ming.zhao at synopsys.COM
Mon Aug 30 02:35:50 BST 2004

I can see the misunderstanding.

Let me try to explain.

In CDE, if we want to start xterm in workspace Two, we can do
xterm -xrm "*workspaceList: Two"

In CDE, if we want to start a tcl/tk window in workspace Two, we can 
call the proc below:
proc myToplevel {winName} {
toplevel $winName
wm command $winName {"" "-xrm" "*workspaceList: Two"}

You can see the resource string we pass to executable xterm is the same 
with that we pass to a tcl/tk window.

So my question:

Is there such a resource string in KDE?

Best Regards

J. David Boyd wrote:

>Ming Zhao wrote:
>>Thank your reply.
>>To clarify my problem:
>>I'm writing a program with Tcl/Tk, how can I make a toplevel window
>>appear in a given desktop?
>>Or is there a resource string I can pass to xterm's -xrm option to make
>>xterm start up in the given desktop?
>I can't see it happening.  You want a child process to control a parent
>process, and I don't think it will be possible.
>Out of curiosity, why can't your tcl/tk program call "kstart yadda yadda
>yadda" instead of "xterm"?
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Best Regards
Ming Zhao

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