konsole doesn't use my keyboard layout

Kurt V. Hindenburg ml at kurt.hindenburg.name
Sun Aug 29 22:07:09 BST 2004

On Tuesday 24 August 2004 10:20 am, Florian Roth wrote:
> Hi
> I set my keyboard layout to 'setxkbmap -model logiciink -layout de -variant
> nodeadkeys' and everything is working fine (umlauts and other special
> chars/keys). But only konsole doesn't recognize these settings. Umlauts
> don't work and the DEL key simply puts out an ~ but does not delete the
> following char.
> Can you give me a hint what this could be?

  I don't believe that konsole using setxkbmap for keyboard.  konsole uses its 
own keymaps (.keytab) files.  Settings->Keyboard. 

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