Slowdown of widgets after use...

Kenneth Aafl√ły lists at
Fri Aug 27 23:48:59 BST 2004


I'm experiencing a slowdown of widgets after I've used them for a while. This 
is most noticable in konsole, which I normally use to ssh to my server, and 
do development in a vim session. But I have also noticed this in other 
programs, which updates widgets a lot. Just now I was replying to an email, 
and all of a sudden the main widget got really hogging, but tabbing to the 
to/cc/subject field and it's all well. Tabbing into the main widget again, 
and the slowdown is really the same. I'm actually seeing this slowdown as I'm 
writing this mail...

I'm running Debian sid, updated a a few days ago, on a 850 celery ii with 
stock compiled as of today. But I have been seeing this 
problem for a long time.

I still have the original kmail reply open, so if there is anything I can do 
to help locate the problem..

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