KDM not rereading Xservers

Marcel Ritter Marcel.Ritter at rrze.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Aug 27 08:43:24 BST 2004

Hi there!

I'm trying to get kdm running as Login-Manager for Suns
SunRay Software (now available for Linux - still beta).

The SunRay software adds entries to the Xservers file as
soon as a new client connects. The client is then awaiting
the startup of its X server (this should be done by the display
manager and works fine with xdm and gdm).

Unfortunately I was unable to make kdm reread this file from time
to time (setting AutoRescan=True in kdmrc didn't make it any better).

If I force kdm to reread it's files with "kill -HUP <kdmpid>" it works
fine. So I could write a script that executes every second and sends
a HUP signal, but I guess that's just a bad hack.

So - is there any official way to do this? Some nice undocumented option
in kdmrc I'm missing?

I hope someone can help!


PS: Please CC me as I'm not subscribed to the list.

Dipl.-Inf. Marcel Ritter
Linux Betreuer
Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen
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