konstruct, nother problem

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Aug 24 03:46:33 BST 2004


Trying, so far unsuccessfully, to build kde 3.3 with konstruct.

I got past the ogg stuff, thanks to Tami, but now its making something 
in the general area of libsmoke, and cc1plus is going absolutely 
berzerkers, eating memory at about 1 meg every 2 seconds.  This 
forces me into the swap about 2 minutes after I restart the make, and 
in 30 minutes its into swap over 500 megs and unusable, as in the x 
corner clock stops, and it may take 10 minutes for a 
ctl-alt-backspace to be recognized.

Stopping x, and doing a 'swapoff -a;swapon -a' pretty much cleans the 
system up, but even without x running, doing the make in konstruct 
starts grabbing sawp in about 2 minutes, with top showing cc1plus as 
using >40%, and it has shown as much as 87%, of a half gig of ram 

Has anyone else seen this effect?  BTW, kernel is, 
compiled for himem (4Gig) support but running on just one stick of 
ram as I think one of them is flaky & I'm trying to figure out which 
one.  I'll rebuild it without that just for grins, but somehow that 
shoe doesn't fit IMO.

Cheers, Gene
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