Desktop Icon Spacing

Andy Teijelo PĆ©rez espino at
Sun Aug 15 18:58:15 BST 2004

El Domingo, 15 de Agosto de 2004 10:41 AM, Mattias Nordstrom escribiĆ³:
> Hi,
> I was wondering is there is any way to change the vertical icon spacing
> on the KDE desktop? It's way too big now. GridXSpacing in kdeglobals
> seems to work for horisontal spacing, but GridYSpacing doesn't seem to
> do anything. Any way to change it?
> (Please CC to me)

I'm glad to hear at least about those settings. I've had quite a few headaches 
trying to arrange the icons on my desktop, and after playing with them a long 
while I found that the default spacing is based on the vertical and 
horizontal size of the largest text from all the icons. Maybe there's a way 
to disable this, but I haven't found it. With the time I get used to some 
specific spacing, and I don't like it to change when I add or remove icons. 
My icons become very unstable about their layout.
I wish there were some way to specify a fixed spacing (both vertical and 
horizontal) and the icons text were displayed with ellipsis -for example- 
when it were too long.
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