Error loading 'kio_http'

Frédéric GRASSET frederic.grasset at
Thu Aug 12 12:27:13 BST 2004

I've got a strange but persistant error since KDE 3.3.0_rc1:

When I want to launch konqueror in webbrowser profile I get the following 
error (from the konsole):

> konqueror: ERROR: : couldn't create slave : Unable to create io-slave:
> klauncher said: Error loading 'kio_http'.

If I launch konqueror from another destop than kde (xterm with kahakai for 
instance) the konqueror start without problem.

After some search, I found that deleting files '.ICEauthority' and 
'.DCOPserver_*' enable me to launch konqueror from a console only since then 
klauncher can't start any application any more due to a DCOP error. 

So I think I've a problem with DCOP so I unmerged all my KDE packages and 
re-emerge it then starting KDE from a fresh new account user, but with same 

My system:
Gentoo Linux 2004.2
P4 2.8
GCC: 3.3.3 and 3.4.1

Frédéric GRASSET
Toulouse, France
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