[kde-linux] [USERS PLEASE HELP] Unmount problems with CD-ROM

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Aug 12 07:37:51 BST 2004

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> I am still using FAM-2.6.10 with the DNotify patch applied.  I have not 
> upgraded to FAM-2.7.0 because I don't know if it supports DNotify -- the 
> patch does not work.  Does anybody know about this.

I found a version of the DNotify patch for 2.7.0:


It appears that you need to save a copy of: INSTALL before applying the patch 
and you need to execute:

	autoreconf -f -i

before running 'configure'.

Note that if you are upgrading that the name of the executable has been changed 
from: "fam" to "famd" and your configure file in "/etc/xinetd.d" needs to be 
changed.  Also, the library name has changed from: "libfam.0" to the correct: 
"libfam.so.0" so a link will be necessary or you will break stuff compiled 
against the older version:

	libfam.0 -> libfam.so.0

And don't forget to run: "ldconfig".

So, I tried the new version and it works.  I still have no idea why people are 
having problems since IWFM.

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