installing a screensaver in KDE

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Aug 12 07:13:33 BST 2004

> Got my hands on the matrix screensaver.
> I put KMatrix.desktop in
> /usr/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers.
> Control center does not pick it up until I create the
> link in
> /usr/share/applnk-mdk-simplified/.hidden/ScreenSavers
> In works than, but later on (few days later the link
> dissappears).  All those links there get recreated. 
> By what process?
> How do I make this permanant?
> I keep having to recreate this link manually.

I apologize for giving you this answer, but I have to tell you that I have no 
idea how Mandrake works.

Editorial (:-)):

This is an unfortunate situation where the three major "Linux" distros have been 
modified to the point that there is some question if they are really Linux, and 
they have modified the menu system for KDE to the point that it is now the 
disto's menu system.

So, this is a Mandrake issue and I would suggest that you ask on a Mandrake list 
or newsgroup.

All I can tell you is that the Screen Saver code in KDE has changed a lot over 
the last few versions and there have been some minor glitches.

I would suggest that it might help if you installed the Mandrake RPM for the 
XScreenSavers rather than trying to do it yourself by hand

One tip: Some recent versions of KDE appear to need:


{your system's path may be different}

added to your path for them to work.  NOTE: previous versions where KAppFinder 
installed them didn't need this.

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