Still trying for "legacy-only" menus

Bryan K. Wright bryan at ayesha.phys.Virginia.EDU
Mon Aug 9 14:17:41 BST 2004

Hi folks,

	I'm still looking for a way to have "legacy-only" menus
under KDE 3.2.2 on Fedora Core 2.  That is, I'd like to drop a 
legacy menu tree into /etc/X11/applnk and have that be the ONLY 
source for menus.  I've tried using an file 
like this:

<!DOCTYPE Menu PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD Menu 1.0//EN"

but it only results in an empty menu.  (The tree under applnk contains
*.desktop and .directory files that work with KDE 2.2.2.)

	Any suggestions?


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