how to start an application in a seperate instance?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Aug 7 08:38:46 BST 2004

Arne Goetje wrote:
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> James, Carsten:
> Thanks, for clearing this up. :)
> But this refers to any application started under KDE, so I thought it's 
> an KDE issue.
>>This is just a browser issue.  In your case a Mozilla issue.  I don't
>>know if you would have similar problems with Konqueror or not.
> Same with konqueror, kmail, etc. I usually need this for mozilla or 
> konqueror (when searching the web) and kmail when answering e-mails.
>>You probably don't need to have different environment variables for
>>Mozilla -- different settings in Mozilla might do it.  But, you MUST
>>have two separate profiles for Mozilla, one for Chinese and one for
>>Japanese.  Then I would suggest that you make separate menu, or
>>desktop, entries for them so that the command line starts them with
>>their respective profiles.  Consult the Mozilla documentation for the
>>proper command line syntax.
> Thanks. I do need the environment variables, because I have to set 
> LC_CTYPE and XMODIFIERS to reflect the correct input application for 
> chinese/japanese typing.
> So, what would be the correct way for KDE apps?
I would make a separate menu entry for the two languages.  E.G.:

	Mozilla (Japanese)
	Mozilla (Chinese)

You can modify the existing 'desktop' file to do this.

You can normally just add this to the command line in your 'desktop' file:

	Exec=LC_CTYPE=<type> mozilla

If the command line gets too long, write a short script.  And remember if you 
have a " " (space) that is not a delimiter, then use quote marks.

This appears to be an issue which you might want to post to 'kde-usability' or 
write a wishlist bug since in your case, you need to be able to switch your 
location and X configuration without restarting KDE and this currently isn't 

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