how to start an application in a seperate instance?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Aug 6 17:37:22 BST 2004

Arne Götje (高盛華) wrote:
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> On Friday 06 August 2004 16:25, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>Arne Götje (高盛華) wrote:
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>>>Hi list,
>>>suppose I have already one instance of an application running, and
>>>I want t start another instance but with different environment
>>>variables. Currently If I open a terminal window, change the
>>>environment variables and start the program, it will inherince the
>>>environment varaibles from the already running instance and merge
>>>with that one.
>>Yes, you can change the environment in a Konsole and export them. 
>>Then anything that you start from that Konsole will inherit the
>>modified environment.
>>>How can I disable this?
>>What do you want to disable??
>>If you don't want to use the modified environment, I suggest that you
>>just close the Konsole and open a new one.
> You didn't read the first and second lines.
> I mean: I have my environment variables set to chinese and have a 
> chinese mozilla running. Now I open a terminal, change the environment 
> to japanese and start another mozilla instance from there. Because I 
> have already one running with chinese environment, the second instance 
> will inherit the environment from the first one and doesn't care about 
> my japanese definition. But I want to have to seperate instances of 
> mozilla, one with chinese, one with japanese als environment settings.

This is just a browser issue.  In your case a Mozilla issue.  I don't know if 
you would have similar problems with Konqueror or not.

You probably don't need to have different environment variables for Mozilla -- 
different settings in Mozilla might do it.  But, you MUST have two separate 
profiles for Mozilla, one for Chinese and one for Japanese.  Then I would 
suggest that you make separate menu, or desktop, entries for them so that the 
command line starts them with their respective profiles.  Consult the Mozilla 
documentation for the proper command line syntax.

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