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IIRC there are no official requirements because one of the goals of KDE is to be able to run on most anything.  I'm running on a Mobile P3 1GHz with 640M ram and a 60g 5400 rpm hdd.  Konq comes up pretty fast, kmail is pretty fast unless I have a big folder, koffice apps and kpfd sometimes takes a sec to open a largeish file, korganizer takes a couple seconds to open because my calendar is huge.
KDE 3.2 has made some speed improvements over KDE 3.1, are you running the lastest version?

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>what are the hardware requirements for KDE 3 to run smoothly? I had a 
>look at http://www.kde.org/info/requirements/3.1.php but it only lists 
>software requirements :(
>At the moment I'm using a P3 with 500MHz and 512MB, and it takes some 
>time for KDE applications to start up. Is my system too weak, or can I 
>configure KDE to run faster?
>Thanks in advance,
>Oliver Gerlich
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