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Stampede stampede at uai.com.br
Mon Sep 29 01:48:52 BST 2003

James Richard Tyrer wrote:

> David Corbin wrote:
>> On Thursday 25 September 2003 04:50, Basil Fowler wrote:
>>>BTW "¿" is available with alt-gr ) , ¡ with shift+alt-gr 1 on the
>>>standard AZERTY keyboard.
>>>It is worth running through the alt-gr and the shift+alt-gr to see what
>>>is available by default.
>> what is gr?
> That is another interesting thing that X will do.  You can set it up so
> that the left <Alt> and right <Alt> keys are NOT the same.

Interestingly enough, the left <Alt> and right <Alt> keys are NOT the same
everywhere, not only under X. That's probably why one of the keys is
labeled 'Alt' and the other is labeled 'Alt Gr'. The 'Alt Gr' key can be
used to type many things, such as ª, ¢, ¹, ², ³, §, ?, and many more,
depending on your keyboard setup.

If you doubt that the keys are different, check the scancodes sent by your

        Henrique Pinto
        stampede at uai dot com dot br

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