Problem compiling kdebindings (3.1.4)

David Goodenough david.goodenough at
Fri Sep 26 10:42:58 BST 2003

I am trying to work out what modifications are needed to kdebindings so that
it can be built with GCJ, and so far I am making good progress.  But I have 
hit a problem which is nothing to do with GCJ.

I have successfully made qtjava and dcopjava, and now I have started on
kdejava.  It gets into kdejava/koala/kdejava and tries to compile 
KAutoUnmount.cpp, but complains (line 29) that it found "base
'KAutoUnmount' with only non-default constructor in class without
a constructor."

I am building this on a Debian unstable system, so I am using GCC 3.3.2
which I suppose might be the problem.

For the record, all that is needed to get GCJ to work is to change the 
configure script so that having recognised the presence of GCJ (which
it already does) it then does not look for regular Java SDKs.  It then
should use /usr/bin/fastjar for JAR, /usr/bin/gcj-wrapper for JAVAC
and /usr/bin/gcjh-wrapper-3.3 (I have asked why there is not a version
independant wrapper for gcjh elsewhere).  The two variables JVMLIBS
and jni_include are then no longer needed.  I have no idea how to 
persuade configure to do this, is there an automake wizard in the

Once I have the whole of the java bits of kdebindings built I will of
course do some testing to make sure it really works properly with GCJ.
Then kdebindings (or at least the Java bits of it) can be included
in Debian in main as it will have no non-free build dependancies or
run time dependancies.


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