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Brian T. Schellenberger bts at babbleon.org
Fri Sep 26 03:45:02 BST 2003

On Thursday 25 September 2003 07:45 pm, David Corbin wrote:
| On Thursday 25 September 2003 16:37, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
| > David Corbin wrote:
| > >>To explain a bit more, what I want is that when I type
| > >> ' + e
| > >>it will appear as e'
| > >>but when I type
| > >> <CTRL> + ' + e
| > >>it will appear as é
| > >>
| > >>For me as a programmer the normal dead keys are a nightmare (too many
| > >>dead keys in most programming language syntax ;-) while the trick with
| > >>switching keyboard layouts is just "too much work" for me.
| > >
| > > Yes!
| > >
| > > Another possible variation, would be to treat the Dead key like a
| > > modifier key.  That is, you have to old down the ' when you press the e
| > > key to the é.
| >
| > You don't touch type, do you? :-)
| >
| > But it would work for people that don't.
| But I do touch type.  Not "exactly like you're supposed to", but I'm
| probably good for 50 WPM (corrected).   Why did you suppose that my
| suggestion meant I don't touch type?

Because since ` and e are both on the same hand, it's hard to type.

And ` and a are impossible to touch-type together since they are on the same 

By touch-type of course he would have meant "correctly" touch typing; if you 
use more than two fingers but not in the official (or at least an consistent) 
way, then held-down keys would work.  For those who do, it's essential in 
theory that shift-type keys have one on each side.

That said, there is only one CTRL key on keyboards and somehow we manage even 
atrocities like ^a.  But if there were very many of those, it would sure slow 
down the touch-typists.  To type things like that I have to essentially move 
my left hand "off the keyboard" just as I must do with my right hand when 
using the mouse, and it slows down the typing a *lot*.

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