KSysGuard-Sensors - LmSensors won't function, even on editing config files

Stephen D. Leedle ml at secondimpact.de
Sat Sep 20 13:59:09 BST 2003

Hello Mailinglist!

I have a problem with KSysGuard, which doesn't use LmSensors as source for 

Yes, "# sensors" functions and gives me output. Modules, i2c etc are 
installed. Only KSysGuard doesn't want to...

There are a view config files conceirning KSysGuard, but which one is the 
right one? I looked on the internet and there I found these possible 
config files names:
So, which one is the right one? I tried every file with the suggested 
content (" Sensors=.., ..., ..., LmSensors ") but I don't have had 

To be honest, I think this is a lack of documantation, because even the 
soruce code doesn't give much information (OK, I am NOT a programer, but 
I know a little about this stuff). I know, to fill a lack, I could write 
a documentation page, but that's out of my understanding, I'm not getting 
it, sorry :-/

So, if anybody knows help, please tell me, thank You very much,
greetings, Stephen D. Leedle

Stephen D. Leedle AKA Verlorene Seele AKA St. Douglas Lee De L'Est
ml at secondimpact.de / animexx at secondimpact.de

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