Newbie KDE Mail Config ?

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at
Fri Sep 19 05:16:08 BST 2003

KDE Mail Crew;

I think I followed Hartwig's instructions correctly.  The menu choices are a bit different.
I went into KDE mail and chose: Settings; Configure K-Mail; and Network.  Under the Sending Tab, I deleted the Sendmail(Default)item which moved my SMTP up one rank so it is now the default item (SMTP(default)).  I still cannot send mail.  The popup error message has been replaced by one in the lower left of the dialog box which reads: "Unrecognised transport protocol, could not sent message."
Anyone know what I need to do next to correct this problem?  TIA for your help.


Hartwig Felger wrote:

>Salut Greg,
>sorry, you started wrong, as you added the mail-out connection. Please
>make a new one: (the labels may be a bit different, as I do not change my
>language to englisch now...)
>Options/KMail properties/Network/Sending
> there choose Add and answer with SMTP (NOT sendmail!!!)
>then go on and add your ISP's settings...
>Then delete the old sending-connection or at least make sure, the new one
>is the first (with the up- and down-arrow buttons).

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