kde startup crash

John Sowden jsowden at americansentry.net
Tue Sep 16 17:52:41 BST 2003

I recently installed suse 8.2 pro, which came with kde 3.1 on a 1.2Ghz 256MB 
ram box.  All is fine.  Then yesterday, when I was demoing (sp?) my new 
machine to a windows kinda guy, I got an "Input Not Supported" message on the 
screen.  I have learned that this is an internal message generated by my 
Envision LCD screen display.  I can ctrl-alt-F1 to another console and it 
runs fine in text mode.  On boot, Lilo comes up in graphics fine.  I do not 
get the kde sign-on screen, and I read a message on the tty1 screen that 
said: DCOP communications error!  and   using insecure memory.  I have been 
using the machine for about 2 weeks with no other problems (except a modem 
This might not be a kde issue, but I don't know where to start.
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