Korean on Mdk 8.2 and konqueror

gabriel gabriel at trytel.com
Mon Sep 15 16:59:19 BST 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 11:04, Bullier Erick wrote:
> I manage an internet network for a french big school.
> Today a korean student arrived.
> He ask me if there is possible to activate korean langage on  the konqueror 
> navigator (he would like to write to his country with his natural langage).
> Is-it easely customable?
> What should i do?

i believe you're looking for the kde language packs.  since i use
gentoo, i don't know how it's done in mandrake, but for me, all that's
required is the installation of the i18n packages for korean (ko):
"kde-i18n-ko".  that'll allow users to switch to whatever language they

personal note/question:  why wasn't korean abbreviated to "kr" since
that's what's used in urls: www.whatever.kr?  just a thought.

a moment of joy in a lifetime of suffering... take it, while you can
  - abassador londo molari, babylon 5

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