KPanel and Icon Sizes

Roland Käser roli at
Tue Sep 9 22:45:11 BST 2003

Hello All

First of all, I'm a newby on KDE. I've just compiled KDE 3.1.2 from the 
srcratch to get a clean KDE version, not changed by any linux 
distributor. But I have already the same problem as I used the RedHat 
shiped version.  I will use X with Xinerama on to screens. The KPanel 
(is that the right name?) (The startlist) should be placed on the left 
side on the left screen. It should be stretched to the fourfold size so 
that i can see all the program tasks in a vertical listing. But the 
problem is now that the panel stretches all the the quickstart icons to 
fit with the panel size. Is this be behavior changable? And when, how to 
do it?

Many Thanks

Roland Kaeser

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