Konqueror layout of CSS

Mark C. Casey markcc at jadepress.co.uk
Fri Oct 31 09:12:12 GMT 2003

Just recently finished doing my companies two new websites, after testing in as many browsers as possible I discovered that Konqueror (3.1.3) seems to be quite inconsistent in displaying of the two websites.
I've tested the site under IE 5.1.7 (MacOS 9), IE 5 & 6 SP1 (win32), Mozilla 1.4 (Knoppix Linux 3.3), Mozilla 1.5 (win32), Opera 7.21 (win32), Konqueror 3.1.3 (Knoppix Linux 3.3) and Amaya 8.1b (win32).

The only ones with layout problems are Konqueror and Amaya, the Amaya problems I was expecting, but after reading up on CSS support under Konqueror I understand the konqueror problem..

I believe its to do with my use of:

		body {
			overflow: hidden

However, this is a necessary part of the pages design as I have some text in a div layer thats scrollable (on some browsers if I do not have overflow for the page hidden then when scrolling the small div text layer then the scrollbar for the page moves, which looks a bit crap).

Anyway, I digress...  Does Konqueror 3.2 solve some of the issues with CSS support? (like full overflow support?)
I'm mostly worried because Safari for the Mac uses KHTML, so chances are if it displays crap under Konqueror it will display crap under Safari.
I have only done a quick test under Konqueror however, so I will probably install a Linux distro under vmware and install kde 3.2 and give it a go.

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