Problems with KDE setup (screensaver, icons, background, and run command)

Gabriel Bassett gbassett at
Sun Oct 26 20:06:35 GMT 2003

I'm having problems with KDE running now on xfree86 4.3-23mdk on
mandrake 9.1 and then 9.2.  My kdebase is 3.1.3 -79.1.92mdk though it
has gone through revisions as kde has been updated from whatever came
with mandrake 9.1 initially.  I've had multiple problems and they all
seem to be globally applied to the accounts on this computer.

When I right click and choose "configure desktop" the only opion that
comes up in the KDE control module is screen saver.  It lists no
screensavers (though I have screensavers installed).  I would like get
back the ability to run screensavers, (which I had before and seems to
have disappeard around the time I upgraded to 9.2 though I can't say for
sure it was after I did).

I do not have the icons tab under Look-n-Feel anywhere though I know
that I installed icons under 9.1 at some point.

I have no option to choose to change my background anywhere.

Run Command:
The "run command" option has left the right click menu on the desktop
for no apperent reason.  This also happened about the time I upgraded to

If anyone has any suggestions on these problems or any insight into
another place to check to solve them I would greatly appriciate it.

gbassett at
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