KMail and OO1.0.2

Frank Bax fbax at
Wed Oct 22 15:10:49 BST 2003

At 06:00 AM 10/22/03, sol&diederic wrote:

>Hi List Members,
>As I mentioned in a previous email
>when r-clicking onto an attachment  then clicking on 'open with',
>applications>wordprocessor>openoffice writer, 1.0.2 setup
>screen appears.  As far as I know I have rid myself of any remaining
> 1.0.2 using Midnight Commander.
>I've installed OpenOffice 1.1, KDE1.3.1 and L-M-9.1.
>Any suggestions?

If the OOo 1.0.2 setup program appears, then you cannot have completely 
removed it.
Perhaps you should use the "remove" option of OOo setup program.

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