Where to find docs about the KHTML Javascript class-libraries.

Clemens Eisserer Linuxhippy at web.de
Sat Oct 18 09:52:40 BST 2003

Hi there!

I want to port dynapi to konqueror, or better say I want to try it 

Dynapi is a Cross-Browser DHTML-Library which currently supports Opera7, IE5, Mozilla-0.8+.
Most complex examples dont work, so I want to fix that.

However I have some questions:

1.) Where can I find informations about the class-libraries? 
I searched really long using google and konqueror.org, but I cant find docs.
Its really important to know how the api looks :)

2.) Does Konqueror have a JavaScript-Console like Mozilla? 

3.) Does Safari use the same JS-Engine like Konqueror? Will they stay compatible?

Thanks, lg Clemens
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