konsole, iso-8859-1, and non-breaking space (nbsp)

Jeff Franklin jpf+kde at cac.washington.edu
Fri Oct 17 01:52:24 BST 2003

The nbsp character, when output on konsole, shows as a box instead of
whitespace.  Can someone suggest how I fix this?  Is this even a
konsole-specific problem, or something with my setup?  I have LANG set to
en_US.iso-8859-1, and I reproduce it with "echo -e '\240'".  On konsole, I
get the box, on something like xterm (running under kde), I get the space.
\240 is the octal value, a decimal value of #160.  All other characters
seem to display fine.

Running 3.1-10 Red Hat on Redhat 9.

Thanks for the help.

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