KDE and default enviroment , $KDEHOME ??

Izo I at siol.net
Wed Oct 15 12:54:13 BST 2003

James Richard Tyrer wrote:

> Izo wrote:
>> 1. KDE default enviroment setup
>> Please, somebody, tell me where the KDE takes the default enviroment 
>> when kdm is run and where when user logs in.
>> Why the question ?
>> I have installed the KDE-3.1.92 using Konstruct parallelly to default 
>> kde, of course configured to different directory. Now I want to set 
>> the default enviroment for the KDE-3.1.92 applications as QTDIR, 
>> KDEDIR, PATH to both of new Qt, KDE, QTMKSPEC etc etc to not clash 
>> the new apps with the default KDE ones.
>> I have tried to set them prior to kdm start - no success - the 
>> /etc/profile is used to define PATH afterwards
>> When using $HOME/.bashrc or $HOME/.profile it affects only Konsole / 
>> xterm but not the KDE apps run from K-menu.
>> It is just annoying since some apps really do clash with the old ones 
>> and thus crash.
> KDM sets the PATH.  You can configure this in:
>     $KDEDIR/share/config/kdm/kdmrc 

Thanks. I've just remembered that I knew it a long time ago ... :-[

> What else happens is determined by your system's: "Xsession" script.  
> This is often in: "/etc/X11/".  If this script is a login script then: 
> "/etc/profile" & "~/.bash_profile" are run (or if you have no: 
> "~/.bash_profile" then it will use: "~/.profile").
>> 2. $KDEHOME
>> Another question - about the $HOME/.kde directory. I would really not 
>> like to use the same for both default and new KDE but I would like to 
>> use the same login user to work with either with default or new KDE. 
>> I have changed the KDEHOME setup in the $KDEDIR/bin/startkde script 
>> with no effect. How to do it properly ?
> Normally, this would go in: "~/.bash_profile". 

As I understood from the scripts I know for, $KDEHOME should tell the 
kdm / kde where to search for local-to-user .kde directory. Normally it 
is $(HOME)/.kde. *But* in the $KDEDIR/bin/startkde script is stated that 
this default could be overriden by setting the $KDEHOME variable and I 
just did not know where should be this variable set - is it global for 
all kdm / kde logins or should it be set in some of the scripts that are 
stored in users $HOME directory. I still do not copy this from your 
answer. If you know exact answer, please detail !

I am running the SuSE-8.1 box which appears not to have ~/.bash_profile, 
but has ~/.profile (which is invoked at remote logins) and ~/.bashrc 
(which appears to me as instead of the ~/.bash_profile and is invoked at 
local konsole login).

Regards, Izo

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