KDE and default enviroment , $KDEHOME ??

Izo I at siol.net
Wed Oct 15 08:38:39 BST 2003

1. KDE default enviroment setup

Please, somebody, tell me where the KDE takes the default enviroment 
when kdm is run and where when user logs in.

Why the question ?

I have installed the KDE-3.1.92 using Konstruct parallelly to default 
kde, of course configured to different directory. Now I want to set the 
default enviroment for the KDE-3.1.92 applications as QTDIR, KDEDIR, 
PATH to both of new Qt, KDE, QTMKSPEC etc etc to not clash the new apps 
with the default KDE ones.

I have tried to set them prior to kdm start - no success - the 
/etc/profile is used to define PATH afterwards
When using $HOME/.bashrc or $HOME/.profile it affects only Konsole / 
xterm but not the KDE apps run from K-menu.

It is just annoying since some apps really do clash with the old ones 
and thus crash.


Another question - about the $HOME/.kde directory. I would really not 
like to use the same for both default and new KDE but I would like to 
use the same login user to work with either with default or new KDE. I 
have changed the KDEHOME setup in the $KDEDIR/bin/startkde script with 
no effect. How to do it properly ?


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