Autolauncher for xterm/kconsole in kde?

David Corbin dcorbin at
Sun Oct 12 13:45:03 BST 2003

On Sunday 12 October 2003 04:54, Peter Losher wrote:
> I have around 20 boxes I ssh into at regular intervals; at present, I
> have them all enumerated in the menu editor invoking a huge xterm
> command which then executes ssh.   This is so I can keep track of my
> windows, etc.
> Is there a applet somewhere that sits on the desktop that just has a
> entry field for a hostname that invokes konsole setting the title to the
> hostname as well as ssh'ing to the named host?  That way I could get rid
> of all these menu entries, and life would be that much less cluttered.
> :)
> Best Wishes - Peter

The best solution is to to set your prompt correctly. xterm (and konsole) 
interpret certain escape sequences as a command to set your window title (and 
even icon) to something;

Many people find it useful to set the title of a terminal to reflect dynamic 
information, such as the name of the host the user is logged into, the 
current working directory, etc.

This may be done by using XTerm escape sequences. The following sequences are 
useful in this respect:

  ESC]0;stringBEL    Set icon name and window title to string
  ESC]1;stringBEL    Set icon name to string
  ESC]2;stringBEL    Set window title to string

Here is a fragment of my PS1 env variable.


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