talking to konqueror with an external program

Christian Mueller cmueller at
Sat Oct 11 16:52:26 BST 2003

Am Samstag, 11. Oktober 2003 16:51 schrieb Pupeno:
> Just an idea that may help... wouldn't it be posible to iterate thru all
> the konquerors and find which one has focus if one has, or else, give focus
> to the konqueror someone uses for showing a page with dcop ?

Yes, that's a good idea.  The only problem I see with this:  Most
of the time there won't be an active konqi window, e.g.  when you 
"are somewhere else" to launch the script by clicking an icon 
or running it in konsole.  In those cases you'd have to fall back 
on something else... for example using the first one and activating it.

Some days ago (I didn't find the link any more) 
someone suggested this demo code to find out the active konqi instance: 


for i in `dcop | grep konqueror` ; do
  for j in `dcop $i | grep mainwindow` ; do
    if [ `dcop $i $j isActiveWindow` == "true" ] ; then
      echo $i is the currently active Konqueror.
echo There is no currently active Konqueror.

Note: This doesn't work for me in KDE 3.1. In the current CVS version it does. 
The DCOP method isActiveWindow() didn't exist in KDE 3.1 yet...


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