talking to konqueror with an external program

Christian Mueller cmueller at
Sat Oct 11 07:19:42 BST 2003

Am Samstag, 11. Oktober 2003 02:25 schrieb John Morris:
> Is there a method for an external program (command line even) of opening
> a new URL in an already open konqueror window?
> I am able to open a new konqueror window with a specified URL using
> dcop, but I would like to change URLs in an already open window if
> possible.
> Thanks,
> John

Yes that's possible if you have the Id of the konqueror window.
If you don't care which one of the konqis opens the new page 
you can do the following (in a shell script): 


konqi=`dcop 'konqueror-*' | head -1`

dcop $konqi 'qt/konqueror-mainwindow#1/qt_top_dock/locationToolBar/history combo/combo lineedit' \
setProperty text "$url"

dcop $konqi 'qt/konqueror-mainwindow#1/qt_top_dock/locationToolBar/toolbutton_go_url' animateClick

It opens the URL in the first konqi it finds.

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