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On Thursday October 9 2003 20:54, Pat wrote:
> On Thursday 09 October 2003 22:21, Fred van Zwieten wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I want to develop a new app for KDE, because I really want to support the
> > KDE initiative and i like to program for it. Problem is I don't know
> > what. So far, what seems to be missing (according to is:
> >
> > DVD burn app for KDE
> > Project app for KDE (a MS Project kind of app)
> >
> > I prefer to start a new app instead of helping with a existing app. Also,
> > i would like it to ultimately be included in KDE.
> >
> > So , what's missing in KDE (3.1.4), not planned yet (3.2) and would be a
> > great addition to an already great desktop?
> I know this would be huge but what about an erp & cpr project à la compiere
> that could talk to koffice and use pgsql or something?
> also maybe more simple: a video conference tool ( i think there's already a
> project but I don't know much about it) such as gnomemeeting would be
> great, it could be a kpart used by kopete!

There's already one going on, called videoconference which is not currently 
released but it's on Ark Linux's cvs (it is released as an rpm for Ark Linux.
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