Prblem running kscreensaver modules from command line?

Anssi Porttikivi anssi.porttikivi at
Mon Oct 6 13:44:24 BST 2003

For example, "kxsrun krandom.kss" runs a random screen saver in the root
window but behind other windows. How to run it on the foreground?

I am trying to set up something similar to this xscreensaver loop, to
let my 10 month old baby bang on the keyboard:

	while true; do xscreensaver-command -activate; read -n1 a; done

When Xscreesacer is setup to be "random" this works. It is not perfect
though (you see why, if you try it). Does anyone know, how to run any of
these screensavers so, that any key switches to next random screensaver,
preferably with no error messages? (Or do you know any other similar
amusements for babies with very litlle hand co-ordination, not to talk
about hand-eye coordination?)

P.S. Lack of man pages makes this very hard. You use locate to guess
file names and places. Guessing keywords and googling for docs is a
pain. Then you read the scripts/sources. You try running stuff with
--help/-h/-?/-v. Is there a plan for KDE to wite man pages? Especially I
crave for:

- command line OPTIONS documentation
- FILES section
- SEE ALSO section

of any utilities, in a easy to find/search/undertand/script general
purpose database integrated with other Linux documentation (read: man
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