Mute in kmix

Sohail Somani sohail at
Sat Oct 4 16:30:04 BST 2003

Hey guys,

Is there a faster way to toggle mute with kmix?
I would also prefer that the system applet shows the change (i.e, the
speaker is X'ed out)

Here is the script I use which is called by a hotkey:


isMute=`/usr/bin/dcop kmix Mixer0 mute 0`

if [ $isMute == 'true' ]

/usr/bin/dcop kmix Mixer0 setMute 0 $isMute

I was going to change the applet itself to expose another dcop function
toggle_mute() but I havent gotten it to compile b/c I dont have time to
download the libs I need.

Thanx in advance

The "S"

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