Compiling the KDEMULTIMEDIA source package with ALSA support

Nave, Ronald NaveR at
Thu Oct 2 16:26:03 BST 2003

I am running  Red Hat 9 with Kernel  2.4.22

I have also installed alsa version 9.7 sound drivers.

I am attempting to get support for MPG and midi files 

I can not get the kmidi player that came with  Red hat to work properly

I have downloaded and am attempting to compile and install
kdemultimedia-3.1.4 from source code

If I build the source with the standard  commands

make install

Make builds the executable files , but does not seem to install them

If I run   the newly compiled kmidi application , I get an error message
that kmidi was not compiled with Alsa support and it will not play midi

If I modify the  configure command  to add   --with-alsa , 

I then get compiler errors in  the file alsa.c.

The errors include undefined symbols   SND_PCM_REPLAY   and several others
as well as undefined   functions.

I have searced my hard drive header files and can not find any reference to
the undefined  functions and symbols.

There seems to be a missing library or header file.

I have downloaded and installed all of the alsa  packages that I can find


They all compile and install without error.

However, the kdemultimedia package will not build with ALSA support enabled.

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