Lost my KDE config tool...

Alexandre Aractingi aaractingi at libertysurf.fr
Sat Nov 29 14:29:18 GMT 2003

Hi Waldo,
Thanks for your answer. My replies are inline...

> Do you get any messages when you run "kcmshell konqhtml" from a konsole?

alex$ kcmshell konqhtml
WARNING: No K menu group with X-KDE-BaseGroup=settings found !
Defaulting to Settings/
kcontrol: ERROR: Impossible de trouver le module «konqhtml».
QMutex::unlock: unlock from different thread than locker
                was locked by 0, unlock attempt from 16384

(translation of the error line: "unable to find the "konqhtml" module)

> Can you start the Control Center (kcontrol) is it  populated?

It is only populated with 'power management', 'informations' and
'peripherals'... nothing about the desktop itself nor about konqueror...

I tried as root, I get the same thing...

Thanks a lot for any help!

Alexandre Aractingi <aaractingi at libertysurf.fr>

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